2 Stroke Cylinder Resleeving

(Effective  - Jan. 1st 2015)
Dealer Inquiries Welcomed
All prices are per cylinder

Includes sleeve, it’s installation, match ports (stock*), chamfer ports, relieve exhaust bridge where applicable, surface top deck and bore & hone to fit standard size pistons.
*We can match ported cylinders to their modified dimension at an additional charge of $100 in most cases.


**Add $10.00 dealer, $15.00 retail for European cylinders.

Cylinder Pricing
50cc-60cc RSL60 $215.00
80cc-100cc RSL80 $220.00
125cc RSL125 $235.00
125cc, Heavy Wall RSLH125 $245.00
175cc-200cc RSL200 $255.00
175cc-200cc H/Wall RSLH200 $265.00
250cc-360cc RSL250 $275.00
250cc+,Heavy Wall RSL250 $285.00
400cc+ RSL500 $295.00
400cc+, Heavy Wall RSLH500 $300.00

Personal Watercraft

Cylinder Pricing
Most RSLPW $265.00
Most, Heavy Wall RSLHPW $290.00
SeaDoo 947/951 RSL951 $295.00

Powervalve service

Service Pricing
P/V Service /RRPV $50.00
Grind Clearance /PVG $20.00