About Us

To support their dirt bike riding expenses in the late 1960’s, Bill and Nick began selling used motorcycle parts at a weekend swap meet in Orange, CA. As their familiarity with bike engines grew, they began taking on small repair jobs in their garage. The need for quality machine work became apparent shortly after. Bill’s experience at his full time job at North American Autonetics (now the Boeing facility near the current shop location) gave him the confidence to procure and operate machines for everything from boring & honing cylinders to valve jobs and rebuilding crankshafts. It wasn’t long before local motorcycle shops were sending their cylinders, heads & crankshafts to Bill and Nick’s place to be machined.

By January of 1971, the demand for Bill and Nick’s services had grown so tremendously that they decided to partner up and officially opened Q&E Cycle Engineering in Anaheim, CA, for business. They became a distributor of Wiseco pistons and, in the mid 1970’s, expanded to rebuild and perform machine work on a wider variety of engines.

Q&E, Incorporated now serves Southern California and the rest of the US with premium quality machine work and engine rebuilding services. The shop also supplies race-proven performance products for competition engines and durable general purpose/industrial applications.

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